Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Administration

Learn from former FBI, SWAT and homeland security

20% tuition discount for officers

Advance your career with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Administration from Alvernia University

Benefits at a Glance

  • 20% Tuition Discount
  • Faculty with real-world experience
  • Day, night and weekend classes
  • Tuition deferment program
  • Take classes at Philadelphia Police Academy and Alvernia Philadelphia Center


Alvernia has extended a 20% tuition discount to all current Philadelphia Police officers, who enroll in our CJ program. Already a great value for your money, we also provide a competitive tuition, financial aid options and a tuition deferment program.


Our criminal justice degree is taught by practitioners who have experience in the FBI, SWAT, forensic psychology, crisis-and-hostage negotiation and homeland security. Our program couples intensive classroom learning with extensive research and required field experience.

Why Alvernia?

Alvernia University’s Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Administration provides you with an interdisciplinary study of crime and justice in today’s society.

Taught by practicing professionals in law enforcement and professors with backgrounds in the FBI and as government consultants, the program at Alvernia boasts your current practices and topical instruction.

Interpersonal skills as well as managerial and administrative subject matter prepare you for positions of responsibility and leadership within the criminal justice community. You can specialize in areas such as probation and parole or corrections and rehabilitation, and focus on the area of crime that interests you.

Philadelphia Location


Alvernia provides you with the flexibility needed to complete coursework as a full-time officer. Courses are offered during the day, night and weekends, and students can take classes at both Philadelphia Police Academy and Alvernia University Philadelphia center.